On January 3, 2013 by Diana Lees

You are a Gift!

“Here – I Made This!” Takes Courage

We all have that inner creative urge, and we all find outlets for it.

But then we have to face the music: other people’s reactions to what we’ve created.

And for the most part, we in our society crave the good opinions of others – especially those of people with authority or celebrity. We put the power of approval in the hands of everyone BUT ourselves.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a corporate executive, a blogger mom, or a painter.­

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On December 24, 2012 by Diana Lees

2012 Renewal Blessings

I’m writing this on Christmas Eve, which in my childhood was a day of buildup and preparation for The Big Day: Christmas.

Now, in 2012, I’m aware that there are also many other religious and spiritual traditions that celebrate this season of renewal. 

This time of year brings us the metaphoric rebirth of body, mind and spirit… perhaps even the soul! It is a deeply personal process, and happens on many levels, not all conscious.

I believe this – the deeply personal part – is most of what makes the holidays so challenging for so many people.­

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On December 18, 2012 by Diana Lees

Getting On With Life – With Cancer

I hear these words in my head as I attempt to get back to sleep at 4 AM. “Get on with it.”

That’s normal – I get messages all the time. So I roll over, turn on the light, reach for my laptop and start typing what I hear:

“Whatever you’ve been thinking about, stop thinking and start doing it. Whatever you’eve been dreaming about, start living it.

Now is the time, as your year 2012 rolls down to its conclusion, to take stock and take charge, start making conscious choices to experience life on your own terms.

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On August 27, 2012 by Diana Lees

The Case of the Vanishing Stress Relief Products

The SHOP link has disappeared  from the main menu on Totally Vital – and the product pages are gone, too!  

Quick! Call in the detectives!

What happened!?

Well…I’ll fess up…

We’ve been making changes to our website! Yes, I know this may seem like a strange thing for us to do.

After all, we’re teaching about – and selling – Solutions for a Stress-Free Life. So why remove the products? 

It came about after a great deal of thought.­

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